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Chapter 16-17

Stevie Rae was giving Damien the good news that Zoey was coming back in about three hours and that they should go meet her at the airport when Neferet appeared out of nowhere. Aphrodite came into the room too and to Stevie Rae’s surprise, she hadn’t felt her either. Neferet acted as if Jack’s death had her sad too, and told them that Jack’s funeral would be done in the manner of a fully Changed vampire and that Zoey would be the one to lit his pyre. Aphrodite and Stevie Rae were furious about all the lies Neferet was telling, while poor Damien just couldn’t take it anymore, he was too hurt. The only comfort was that Zoey would be home soon. The girls thought that it was best for Damien to eat something, just like Cameron and Duchess. While Aphrodite got the food for Damien with Darius, the twins would pack Jack’s things and Stevie Rae would get Duch’s. On her way, Stevie Rae met Kramisha, and again didn’t even feel her coming, who this time didn’t let her go.


Stevie Rae
Virginia “Ginny” Johnson (Stevie Rae’s mom)

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