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by hmhibbit, July 26, 2016


4 star

Body Rocks

Off Beat, Book #1

By A.M. Arthur

ISBN# 9781250105851

Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

body-rocks-off-beat-a-m-arthurTrey Cooper has not had an easy life.  His parents never cared much for him, and he was bullied growing up.  He no longer has contact with his biological family, but instead the members of his band, Fading Daze, are his only family.  But one of those family members, Tyson, has quit the band and joined a rival band, XYZ.  They just found out they were invited to a prestigious band competition but have only weeks to find a new drummer that can learn the music in time.

While at a local bar at an Open Mike Night, Trey gets a glimpse of the most beautiful man, Dominic B.  He gets up and plays his violin and is absolute magic with it.  But once Dominic finishes his prepared music and the crowd still wants more, Trey is called on-stage to accompany him.  Once the performance is finished, Trey and Dominic decide to go out and have some fun of their own.  But it all comes crashing down when Trey discovers that Dominic is in XYZ!  Their bands hate each other!  The two try to go their separate ways, but they can’t fight their attraction so decide to keep dating in secret.  Will their secret be the destruction of their bands, or the destruction of their very selves?

I really really enjoyed this book!  There are some M/M romance books out there that are quite terrible.  This is not one of them!  I was hooked from the beginning and didn’t want to put it down.  There was an awful lot packed into this book!  I did find it to be a bit unbelievable all the tragedy that these two men have had in their lives and the fact that both had things come up to bring their pasts crashing back into reality.  But the unrealistic vibe can easily be overlooked so you can enjoy the story!

Trey was a sweet and loyal kind of guy.  He really struggled with not wanting to hurt his patchwork family, the band.  And, one of the big worries was that most fans thought he was involved with the lead singer of the band, Danielle, and he was worried that if the truth that he’s gay came out that the band would suffer.

Dominic, on the other hand, came out when he was 15 and is quite comfortable with his sexuality.  His family is the most loving, amazing, and supportive family anyone could ever hope for.  But he has a dark past that he tries to keep hidden.

I liked both guys, but they did have problems ‘adulting’ at times.  Shutting each other out when things got rough and unintentionally hurting one another.  Not to mention the ‘Judas’ moment that I expected the moment the words “Don’t deny me” came out of one’s mouth.   I thought I may have heard the rooster crow too … lol.  But overall it was a fun relationship to watch develop.  But warning, their intimate scenes get pretty graphic, not that I minded … but some readers might.  But there was a lot of fun moments that made me smile like an idiot too.

“Tell me you packed stuff,” Dominic panted.

“I packed stuff.” The human blanket atop him didn’t move. “Um, my telekinesis is on the fritz, so if we want the stuff …”

This was an interesting story to read and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*

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