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by Caro, September 15, 2015


A Taste Of Sugar

Sugar, Georgia, Book #3

By Marina Adair

ISBN: 9781455528707

Author Website:


a taste of sugarBrought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjen



A blast from her past…

Charlotte Holden, Sugar’s favorite pediatrician, knows better than anyone that love only leads to heartbreak. Instead, she’s focused on creating the Grow Clinic, an outpatient center for children. All she has to do now is to host the best Founder’s Day Parade in the history of Sugar, Georgia, to win over a big-city donor. Easy as peach pie. Then sexy Jace McGraw blows back into town and utters those three words every woman dreads: we’re still married.

…leads to tantalizing trouble

Jace McGraw was making an offer on his dream business in Atlanta when he was told that his wife had some credit issues. Wait, his wife? The annulment went through years ago—or so he thought. He’d walked away only to keep his troublemaker reputation from ruining her dreams. But now that they have a second chance, Jace offers Charlotte a deal: he’ll grant a discreet divorce in exchange for 30 days and nights of marriage. Because this time he isn’t going to let her go without a fight.  (Goodreads)



Charlotte Holden is a pediatrician in Sugar, Georgia.  She loves her job, she loves her patients and she love the Grow Clinic that she is creating.  And at one time, she also loved Jace McGraw, the town bad boy.  She loved him enough to marry him.  When she sees Jace again, she knows that she has not moved on with her life and that she still has feelings for him.  But she cannot afford to be distracted by him or anyone or anything else.  She needs to focus all her energy, thoughts and actions on the Grow Clinic.  She needs to obtain the necessary funding to open the clinic.  She has worked too hard to open a place for all children to receive the medical care they need, whether they can afford it or not.  Nothing can get in the way of seeing her dream come true.

Jace McGraw has returned to Sugar to tell Charlotte that they are still married.  Both of them thought the marriage was annulled but they were both wrong.  Now that Jace has seen Charlotte again, he realizes that he is not over her and he wants to be with her again.  But he is just about to purchase the business he has always dreamed of owning, but it is in Atlanta.  Long distance does not work well for relationships.  He does not know how he is going to do it, but he vows to win back Charlotte and keep her as his wife.  Now he just has to convince her that they are meant be.

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional.  Charlotte is a hard working, kindhearted, loving woman.   She would do whatever it took to help the children of Sugar.  She has issues with her father, who tries to control the funding of the Grow Clinic.  She loves with all her heart and that heart has been broken by Jace.  Jace tries to do the right thing, even though he has the reputation of being a troublemaker from his earlier years.  He would do anything for his grandmother, his family and Charlotte.  The secondary characters play a big part in the story, and I like all of them.  I would love to get to know them even better, hang out with them and call them my friends.

I really enjoyed the relationship between Charlotte and Jace.  The bickering and banter between them was so realistic and I found it very funny.  I could have read about their conversations and interactions all day long.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very good at creating a southern small town feel.  I felt like I was right there experiencing the traditions, the nosiness and the family loyalties first hand.  I really enjoyed the fact that Jace’s family was more than willing to offer their advice, whether Jace wanted it or not.  It was very refreshing reading about such family loyalty, love and concern.

I would recommend this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well written women’s contemporary.  This book was a perfectly blended mixture of romance, friendship, second chances, humor and forgiveness.  What more could you want when reading a book?  I really hope that there will be another book in the series because I want to spend more time with the residents of Sugar, Georgia.  Do yourself a favor and pick up all the books in the series, you will be very glad that you did.


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