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by Caro, July 28, 2016


A Summer To Remember

A Tallgrass Novel series, Book #6

By Marilyn Pappano

ISBN: 9781455588176

Author Website:


a summer to rememberBrought to you by OBS Reviewer jerjen



It’s been a long time since widow Fia Thomas felt the spark of physical attraction. But from the moment she meets Elliot Ross one stormy night, she yearns for a fresh start, for him to make her feel whole and well again. With his broad shoulders and a warm smile crinkling his dark eyes, he could finally offer her the solace she’s been seeking. And she’s willing to give him anything in return . . . except a promise that could break his heart.

Now that Elliot is out of the Army, he’s looking for a place to call home. Tallgrass was just a stop to stretch his legs, yet one look at Fia halts him in his tracks. In her sweet, sassy company, he finds the soul mate he never thought he’d have. But Fia is holding something back-something that keeps her from making any plans. Elliot’s new mission: gain Fia’s trust…and convince her that summer’s end can mean a new beginning. (Goodreads)



When Fia and Elliott have a chance meeting in the rain, sparks seem to fly between them.  Fia needs to have some happiness in her life, she has had enough sadness to last her a lifetime.  Elliot is looking to settle down and make a life for himself somewhere.  Has fate brought them together to fulfill their wishes or is it just teasing them with a happily-ever-after that neither can have?

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional.  Fia has a lot going on in her life and most of it is not good.  She has had a lonely childhood, having parents that did not even want her.  She was a wild and rebellious teenager and got into her share of trouble.  But her life turned around when she met Scott.  She now knew what it felt like to be wanted and loved. When Scott died, her whole world fell apart.  If it was not for the Margarita girls, their support and love, she may not have made it. And then she became sick and no doctors can tell her what is wrong.  She suffers from excruciating pain and debilitating muscle spasms and she does not know if she will get better or worse.  So when she meets Elliot and he makes her feel like a normal woman, she cannot believe how lucky she is.  She knows that she cannot have a lasting relationship with him because of her condition, but for just a while she can enjoy being a woman with a handsome man interested in her.

Elliot is looking for a place to call home.  He is no longer in the military and he is tired of living a nomadic life.  He is a man who knows right from wrong and will do whatever it takes to make sure good triumphs over evil.  

“This huge sense of duty…that’s just who I am, Fia, whether I’m with my family or you or my Army buddies or anyone else.  It’s the way I was taught: to care about others, to protect them when they need it, to help them when they want it……..

When he makes a stop in Tallgrass to let his rescue dog take care of business, he meets Fia.  He is immediately smitten with her and wants to get to know her better.  He has always had a way with women and he knows he will not want for female attention.  But when he meets Fia, he thinks he may have found a woman who will make him want to settle down and do forever.  But he does not know that Fia is keeping a secret from him, one that may make forever impossible.

The author is very talented in her storytelling and she expertly weaves a story combining romance, second chances, heartache, frustration and true love.  I was so caught up in the story of Fia and Elliot that I could not swipe the pages fast enough.  I loved reading about their relationship, their interactions and watching their feelings grow.  I also enjoyed spending some more time with the Margarita girls and catching up on what has been happening in their lives.  They are a strong group of women who would do anything for each other, including supporting each other and getting on each other’s cases when that is necessary.  We all should have a group of friends like them.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written women’s contemporary.  This can be read as a stand alone book but I do not know why you would not want to read all the books. All of the books from this series were really good, but I think this one is my favorite.

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